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Came across an almost crazy-good deal at gander mountain of all places. They had a used taurus 4" 82 (one of the old CAI imports), that had a problem. The hardened nub at the cartridge-rim end of the center-pin had been attached very slightly off-center; almost not enough to see really, but just enough that it would bind the centerpin and keep it from returning free to lock up in the faceplate recess. This meant the cylinder wouldn't lock closed and would flop open/closed completely free. May have been that way from the factory, or may have been worked on later; I couldn't say for certain, but the rifling, muzzle & forcing cone look completely wear-free, so I suspect it came that way from the factory 30+ years ago.

The nub problem was an easy fix, but they don't have a gunsmith on staff there anymore, and had written it off as 'bad', and kept marking it down to try & get rid of it. It'd been setting in the case for a long time evidently and I picked it up for $179. Fifteen minutes for cylinder disassembly & some very minor nub filing, and it works perfectly. Ran some rounds thru it the other night and was surprised to find that its muzzle velocity constantly runs 3%-6% faster than a same-length smith revolver, for 6-10% muzzle energy increase compared to the smith. Don't know if it's a slight difference in the bore diameter or rifling, or if it's simply due to the smith being a .357 and the increased bullet-jump inherent there; but with three different loads that was the case.

Regardless, $179 and fifteen minutes' work got us another second-tier gun that's completely reliable, and in a decent, commonly-available caliber that I already reload for. (Did have to buy new speedloaders though; haven't owned a k-frame in years.)
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