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LOL, as for a 50 had it then I got a 500 Mag.
chck out this load, LOL.

And yes your right becuase the manufacturer recommends not to use it that means the firearm is uncapable of handling it depending on various scenarios there may be a time I may need to use outside ammo supposse i can only get my hands on +p so I should not use it just get killed sorry pal I believe in appropriate interchangeabbility of various different loads with in a caliber if you disagree again its in eaches different opinion you may not need it others may need it, other way have q very nice day.

Originally Posted by majette View Post
so, because the manufacturer recommends not to use +p or +p+ it discourages you? even when there are plenty of capable standard velocity rounds for range and self defense use? or is it a case of 'if the boom is bigger it must be a better round dude. i want a .50cal desert eagle so i can blow arms off or make holes the size of a dinner plate if someone tries attack me. wait, there are no +p+ .50cal rounds?'

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