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Thanks for the 155gr info SDGlock23, I have some 155gr XTP bullets lying around and I've been trying to figure out a load for them.

Here's my contribution to the thread, I'm using a factory Glock 20SF (stock 4.6" barrel), Hodgdon Longshot, CCI No. 300 LPP, new Starline brass, 1.264 OAL, and 180gr Precision Delta bullets. I didn't like that Hodgdon limits the 180gr loads at 34,600 psi, so I went a little above and beyond.

Under Hodgdon book max (9.5gr):
9.3gr Longshot gave 1205 fps avg.

9.5gr Longshot gave 1213 fps avg.

Over Hodgdon book max:

9.7gr Longshot gave 1247 fps avg.

9.8gr Longshot gave 1260 fps avg with an extreme spread of 6 fps. (I really liked this load, and I'll be loading more of these in the future.)

9.9gr Longshot also gave 1260 fps avg, but extreme spread was ~30 fps.

10.0gr Longshot gave 1262 fps avg. Recoil was not hard, instead felt like a warm .40S&W.

That's as high as I got for the last batch. I was really hoping to hit 1300 fps out of the stock barrel, but it seems that that goal might not be attainable with Longshot.

Almost forgot, the maximum case expansion in the stock barrel was .4335" with the 10.0gr loads. All the rest expanded near to the same size. No primer flattening occured, and no other pressure signs in the brass as far as I could see.

Hope that helps!

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