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People are thinking way too much on this simple trigger/safety..

It's a trigger.
It has a nice shape and feel to it.
It's black with a silver safety lever thing.
It looks good on the gun.
It's only $50 bucks compared to what other trigger options are out there when all you want to do is replace the trigger with something a little more cooler looking.

Also, if you can't push a little button on the "side" sideways without fully depressing the trigger backwards and making it fire, you probably shouldn't even be around guns..

And if you want to, you can push the safety button for those moments you want to activate a second safety. If you don't want the safety on, you never have to use it.

I think it's pretty much that simple.
Just because you have a safety on the gun, doesn't mean you have to use it or use it every time.
But, it does look alot nicer then the stock trigger and I think it will look pretty good with the titanium pins I plan on adding to my frame.

As long as the product works like it is suppose to without malfunctioning, then I see no problems at all with this trigger/safety.
If it's not what you want, don't buy it. There is many accessories for these guns and not everyone is going to want all of them.

I almost never use the air conditioning in my car, but I do like having the option to use it for that one of two times I might want to use it.
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