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In grade school my father (had served in Cook County during Prohib) informed me that I was going to learn to shoot.

Spent two years (2 to 3 days a week, Summers) training me. I liked shooting.

When my state law was passed permitting CCW, I funded the family with guns and training and permits. Since I could, I did.

Later, my SIL got upset with me paying for my daughters divorce (for physical abuse), he was a convicted Felon, and said he was going to kill me and my wife and my daughter, and the kids, if they were with my daughter.

Her attorney asked why I wasn't worried. I told him I caried a gun, my Daughter carried a gun, my whole family carried guns and we like shooting.

He got a big laugh out of it. Turned out the BG SIL and his brother were afraid of guns.

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