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It has to be my Advantage Arms conversion for my G20SF, I love that thing! I just with they made a flush fitting hi-cap magazine.

I want to get a Ruger SR-22 pistol in the not-too-distant future, I have high hopes for it!

My Taurus model 94 9 shot revolver with 4 inch barrel. I love this revolver, it is a great training tool.
I wanted so badly for this gun to work for me! (I had the 5" barrel model)
Its the perfect size and weight with above average round capacity. I got a dud though, very inaccurate, super crappy trigger in both DA and SA (even after some polishing and a lighter trigger return spring).
It had a huge cylinder-forcing cone gap and the timing was always off, it spit lead out of the sides of the gun.
it went back to Taurus 3 times, and though they paid shipping and delivered fast service they never got it fixed compleatly. I sold it to a buddy, he seems to like it just fine
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