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Hoover Tactical (Birmingham)

As a guy once said to me: Dude! its a gun shop the size of a Kroger!!!!.... It even has gear, clothing, a shooting range and a DELI!!

I did visit a few weeks ago and it is the largest gunshop I have ever seen. I think it was actually a Bruno's Grocery that was converted. Its set up very well (linear), has polite approachable staff, and a nice deli. Most other gunshops could fit inside their knife display area hahahaha! I dont really care for indoor shooting ranges but yep, they have one.

Overall this is easily the koolest gunshop I have visited with the nicest staff. If I had to be super critical I would say that

1. more than once I got the "I dont know too much about those", in response to a question about a firearm that they had displayed. (easy fix)

2. I dont think I would have put the deli and the shooting range on the same end of the building. People have to lug all their gear through the deli to get to the outer door of the range. Lets just say that with all the comotion and clatter, I felt hurried to eat my meal and move along. (maybe I am old)
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