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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
As with any barrel or platform setup, you can't know what is safe without doing careful load workups. I reduce the charge weights and work up in 0.2 - 0.3 grain increments. I load at least 5, and usually 10 at each charge weight to check for groups, function, and indications of excessive pressure. I also look for deviations on velocity, but that is down the list of concerns for pistol rounds. My practice is to shoot one round, collect the brass, inspect. Repeat.

As Murphy would have it, the one time I did not follow my normal loading and inspection process, I overlooked smiles. I got a bit lax. My powder increments were also bigger (0.5 grains). The next string the smiles were huge and primers were FLAT. I had shot a couple like that before noticing. I have never repeated that mistake. This was a load way below book max. It was with 800-X and 180 XTPs. All hand weighed and verified with check weights.

Bottom line, there is really no way to know what is safe without doing the workups - but that is true with an aftermarket barrel too. Things run differently in different setups. If you see smiles, you've gone too far.

1200 fps is attainable in my stock G20 with a 200 gr XTP over 13.0 grains of Accurate no. 9 (WLP primer) by following Hornady book data. That charge weight is between the maxes of Accurate Powders (12.5) and Hornady(13.2) published data.
Really excellent advice.
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