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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
Book max load (9.5gr) of Longshot will get you close to if not over 1300 fps w/180gr. I'm not a fan of "full power" 10mm in a stock barrel, since even some load that aren't even considered warm begin to bulge the brass pretty good. The 9.5gr Longshot load does well and the case bulge is there for sure, but not horrendous.

Hey brother, I guess I am going to have to just jump in and finally try the LS powder with you other guys here. All I seem to read over here any more is LS LS LS, so Since I already have a pound I guess tomorrow I'll finally try it out.

(9.4/9.5) seems to be pretty standard from all I see here all the time, if I am wrong I can use some input from y'all on the LS powder with 180gr and 200gr XTP's and HC bullets as well.

I'll let y'all know how it goes. But what seems to be the favorite load with LS in the 180 gr and 200gr XTP's ?

Stay safe amigo

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