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I have picked up a few Mcustas, a Cold Steel Counter Tac II, a few Infidels and a Piranha Excalibur. I will try to get some pics up this weekend.

I really like the Counter Tac II. It is razor sharp and lightweight. The sheath isn't the best but it clips on and off ok. I use my blades as a CCW backup last ditch defensive tool, not edc cutters. I will probably pick up a full size Counter Tac and maybe a Tai Pan for kicks

edit: Oh, I also need to pick up a DMT system and figure out how to maintain the edges on all of these things!

edit for pic:

The Cutting Edge
The Piranha is my favorite btw. It is SOLID and fires HARD. It
does have more blade play than a Benchmade however. The Adamas and AFO2 were offered for a price I couldn't turn down.

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