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Originally Posted by CanyonMan View Post
OK gentelman,

So any one put 9.4/9.5grs of LS under the 180gr XTP in a stock barrel G20/G29 and if you did what did you get ????

I am trying to pick some brains here as time is something I ain't got "right now," and save myself some bench time..

Mucho thanks !
Hello Canyon Man, I have loaded 9.4 grains under the Hornady 200 XTP's of LongShot using CCI300 in various brass to test the 1240 fps loadings of SwampFox ammo. if you look for the tribute I did to Mike Willard after he died I obtained some of his ammo and pulled it down to verify this load that we actually discussed right hee on GT.

The results were as follows...

Did a little test today (1/25/12) using the SwamFox 9.4 grain ofLongShot with 200 grain Hornady XTP's loading...

1) S&W 1006 22lbs RSA velocity 1260 - 1280 fps, itexpanded to 0.4295".

2) Glock-29 factory bbl 21lb Wolff RSA @ 1177 fps "used" Hornady casing expanded to 0.430".

I also tested the 9.4 grains of IMR800X with very simular results maybe even slightly better with the shorter bbl G29
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