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I decided to carry a gun because being defenseless is foolish.

There's no single defining moment; it came more in a series of conversations with friends who'd been robbed or were theorizing about what they'd do in the event that they were robbed. To me, most of their thinking came down to this:

"My jewelry/money/other property is not worth my life, so I'd just give the guy what he wants."

And they were often really defensive about this attitude, the same way people are often defensive about other "common sense" issues that are beyond the scope of this post. But, clearly, it was fear speaking for them, and fear tends to make pretty poor decisions.

My attitude, however, is that you should always fight back if you have a reasonable opportunity. I imagine this attitude is more popular on this forum than in the general public. Not doing so emboldens criminals (and, frankly, makes a sucker out of you). If they have to wonder about whether they'll survive the incident, they'll sure as hell think twice about robbing or attacking someone.

But I had some cognitive dissonance about this. When I was younger, I was robbed twice while working nights at a gas station, and I didn't employ any kind of defense either time. Part of it was that I was forbidden to do so by my employer, but the other part was this "common sense" idea of letting robbers have whatever they want, even if they give you a chance to shut 'em down.

So, upon moving out of New York City (ugh) and into New Hampshire, I decided to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. I carry every day now, and woe to anyone who tries such a thing on me or in my presence again. Someone has to fight back, and the only person for whom I can make that choice is me.

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