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The pins walk out while firing.

It's a poor design on how it is "staked" to the transfer bar. I've owned for a while now and it was replaced by the factory once before for the same reason. After only maybe a few mags full, the small pins start to walk out which protrude far enough such that you can't even pull the trigger, then you have to push them back in with the back end of a punch. Now I've tried to glue mine in, locktight them in, but nothing works. I've contacted the company many times about the issue but they are foreign and I don't think English is their primary language because overall- they just ignore the findings. Until they upgrade the product with a "U shaped" staking pin that won't walk out then I would avoid this product for serious carry. I've owned four such units now on two different guns, only because the factory replaced them- each time, nothing changed. The pins themselves are polished and free floated in a plastic trigger without any means of capturing them.

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