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I initially got my permit cause thought it was "cool" that I could carry a gun. Had a ND and stopped carrying cause I had a LOT of thinking to do. It took about 6 months of soul searching but i came to the conclusion that i could indeed handle carrying a gun.
Now for the incident that got me to my thinking on carrying. I fell on hard times it was pawn gun and pay rent or become homeless. So I pawned the gun and payed rent. Now while it was pawned, some idiot decided to break into my house, while I was home. Thank god I was able to get him to leave and nothing really came of it except a police report. After the incident the only thought going through my head was the "what ifs" I swear I had PTSD from it cause I new better and was unprepared for such an event, never again. As soon as I could I got my gun back and it has not left my hip since. Except when I pocket a 9mm, (my carry gun is a g36). From that day forward I vowed to be armed as close to 100% of the time as I could. So far I'm at 97-98% so not bad.

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