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Pros and cons of front BUIS placement.

Originally Posted by kodiakpb View Post
Looks good folks. What is the general consensus (preference wise) on the backup rear sight being in front or behind the RMR? I have not had the opportunity to handle one yet. I am assuming true co-witness with suppressor sights?
1) If the dot is low in the window of the RMR the rear sight won't hide it from view. You'll still be able to put the dot on target and make your shot.

2) The front sight should be the 1st thing that enters the periphery of your vision as you index the gun toward the target. Even with the dot your focus should shift from the target to the front sight as the gun reaches full extension. After all the dot may be broken and then you'll need to be focused on the front sight to make an accurate shot. If the dot is on then you can let your focus shift back to the target. Just so we're clear the progression is front sight, top of RMR housing, front sight again, then the dot and then LAST and most certainly least the rear sight. If this isn't how you're seeing things as the gun is indexed toward the target, then your doing something wrong. Quit it.

3) A much wider selection of holsters will work without modification.

4) It protects the window from brass, lube and carbon fouling. It still gets crap on it, just far less.

5) It places both sights on the same side of the RMR's tint and optical distortion, making both sight equally easy to focus on. If the rear is clear of the afore mentioned optical impediments it would be more difficult to get that all important front sight focus should you actually need to use the irons. Personally I don't want my rear sight easier to see than the front.


1) It's harder to clean the front of the window.

2) It kinda looks funny.

And that's it. If someone tells you that the rear sight is somehow used to find the dot tell them to take up golf, or checkers maybe.

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