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Originally Posted by TexasPOff View Post
I like it. My only concern and may be misplaced, is the mag release. I would think this 19/23 sized frame will be used more for concealed carry than the full sized LW frame.
Because of that I worry about the mag release being accidentally pushed while being concealed. It does stick out a bit, to aid in it's use, but there is nothing to prevent accidental contact. A small contoured ledge could aid in preventing or minimizing accidental activation.

Just my observation and by no means does it deter me from picking one as soon as you announce them. I will be using mine as a duty and off duty weapon, so it will be exposed to outside carry as well as concealed.

So, JR, want my CC# now..... TXPO
I have a full frame Timberwolf and I don't think the mag release sticks out a whole lot further than a Glock. What make the Timberwolf mag release nice is how it extends back further. Therefore making easier to manipulate without adjusting grip.
My main concern with the Timberwolf frame mag release would be the pressure it take to release the mag. My proto was way to soft. I believe they have made changes to the design to stiffen it up though.

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