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Originally Posted by WDN View Post
I have a full frame Timberwolf and I don't think the mag release sticks out a whole lot further than a Glock. What make the Timberwolf mag release nice is how it extends back further. Therefore making easier to manipulate without adjusting grip.
My main concern with the Timberwolf frame mag release would be the pressure it take to release the mag. My proto was way to soft. I believe they have made changes to the design to stiffing it up though.
I would second this- I really like the TW's mag release. As WDN says, it doesn't stick out too far, it just extends further rearward. It's like Gen4, but looks classier & feels better than the big rectangle. I have #AAA3xx, and don't have any issues with premature ejection...

My only concern is that not all drop-free mags drop free, at least in .40. According to JR, it has been observed that the 3rd gen mags perform best in this regard, so I'll have to dig through my mag box and try some Gen3 mags to pair with it, I guess.

I'm curious if this is going to be rectified in the compact & large caliber TW frames?

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