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My girl friend and I took a motocycle trip up to see Folsom Prison- after Johnny Cash's album from there. We were camped out by a small river close to the prison when, around, two AM, three guys walked up to our remote campsite as we lay in our bags. One had an axe and one had a pick. They said they were looking for firewood. I was petrified with fear. I had a full sized lighter that I pulled out of my pocket and flicked the top open which gave a distinct click sound in the still night air. I wished them luck - they looked at each other and moved down the river. We did not see them again. I have NEVER felt so in danger and helpless for my girfriend and myself in my life. NEVER again. I now have several hanguns. I carry and shoot for pleasure. I have never had to unholster any of my weapons, but it sure has felt good to know I am protected in certain situations since then because I do carry! That was forty years ago.... Jon
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