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Originally Posted by shadowman024 View Post
Well hope everyone had a great fourth, i was at my brothers house in massachuesttes small town less than 2k people, he has 150 acre's.

Well 10 mins into the firework show cops show up, tell's us to stop and takes the fireworks. Say's there not legal in our state which is true and leaves with over 400.00 worth of our best cakes.

I know we broke the law on the fireworks, but comon its the 4th of bloody july, just proves you can't do anything in this state can't wait till i move to new hampshire.


"can't wait till i move to new hampshire".

[cue Jefferson's theme]

Look on the bright side, because they could spend their energy on you scofflaws it must mean that they have a handle on all the other holiday crimes like drunk driving and such. You are actually proof that the Nanny/police State must be working.

I can't brag too much, our idiots outlawed fireworks ON THE BEACH in our WHOLE State.

I love the Nanny State,

"you can't use fireworks on your own property, because it might be harmful to someone else" Like matches, lighters torches don't exist the other 364 days of the year.


They want to legalize and make access to drugs easier, because "they are already available, and legalizing won't cause any increased danger to any potential innocent victims".
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