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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
Is that the book written back before the advent of today's modern hollowpoints?...

He had used at one time or another 9mm +p+ and liked it. He also swore by the M1 Carbine with 110 gr. HP's and said it put people down right now. The again, he loved his own .45 ACP full WC bullets for the 1st shot in a 1911 as well as full wadcutters in .44 & .45 DA revolvers. These of course were his own handloads in the days before the ACLU and the hand wringing Liberals for the most part

Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
Jim Cirillo and I believe Mas Ayoob both avocate(d) the Glock 30 as a carry / fighting pistol.
At the end of his life he carried a Glock G30 & a G27 as a backup.

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...he was shooting with the gun at chest height due to his injured shoulders. He was just indexing the gun without using the sights...

I shoot the same way due to a bad shoulder and also because like Jim I learned in the old days of the REAL Weaver Stance with DA revolvers:

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