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Originally Posted by Zeebra724 View Post
Mine isn't that exciting...but, I used to be a FedEx Express delivery/pickup courier in Norfolk, VA. My wife and I had just had our first son and I had considered getting my permit, especially since it was so easy in VA--also, a number of my buddies had theirs. I was delivering packages in the "projects" one afternoon and found a .357 Magnum casing in one of the sidewalk cracks--that did it for me--even though we lived in Chesapeake, if something randomly happened, I wanted to make sure it was my casings left in the sidewalk cracks instead of my (or my wife's/son's) killer's.
Hey Zebra- EXCITING it doesn't have to be!!!! Increditible fear and helplessness is what I felt. I vowed I would never put myself or anyone I cared about in that position again and I have not. Good for you!! Take Care, Jon
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