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Better stock up on everything you think you might need to survive.

We will have at least 4 more years of our current regime. And this is why:

every singe mindless dem will get behind their worthless candidate and push his broke*** wagon to the end.

And to combat the terrorist that is in power, the best the republicans have to offer is mittens. It is almost like they don't want a change in administration.

If I were an outsider, the only conclusion that I could possible come up with is:

The dems and the republicans are so deep in bed together that it is impossible to separate the beasts from each other. Their only goal seems to be to destroy this country and rape it's citizens till there is nothing left, butt dust.

So if you vote for either of the options we have been offered: get ready for your butt dust. Sorry I couldn't bring you guys a prettier picture, but that's what's headed our way.
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