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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post

No no, nothing like that. I've been busy. I've probably lost 5lbs in sweat over the past week. Working during the day and putting the finishing touches on my hot dog cart at night. I tried getting everything loaded up tonight for opening day Saturday. However I discovered I need to buy a winch because this thing is heavy.

As far as the generator goes...LOVE IT!!!

It started on the second pull. Runs like a champ. Powers my mini fridge (and hopefully a small fan to give me a breeze). It's a LOT quieter than I thought it would be as well. Not whisper quiet but you can easily talk at a normal volume over it when it is at your feet.

No complaints here! We'll see how it hold up if I need it to run 6-8hrs.

What is the oil/gas ratio on these? 2/1?
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