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Originally Posted by DoctaGlockta View Post
Glad you survived. I'm going to hit up HF today and see if that code works at the till. Noticed it did not work online. I really do need one for work and it could serve for a backup to my backup at home. Thanks again for the heads up.
There might be a little problem now...

I went to buy a winch the other day and brought a coupon code with me for 20% off. I get to the register, she types it in...multiple times....didn't work. Then she said that from now on I guess HF is requiring coupons to be physically brought in...not just codes any more.

But try it, she could have been wrong.

It was great when she pulled a coupon out of the garbage, scanned it, winked at me and smiled and said "you didn't see that"...

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