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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Having had family members who worked for ATF (but none who ever called it BATFE) I agree with pretty much everything the OP posted. I did have a family member who quit another federal agency over agents lying under oath and a supervisor insisting that she do the same, but I'm not aware of that among ATF agents. They are normally more highly respected among police, at least in me experience, than FBI/Secret Service/etc.

I didn't realize this was an ancient thread.
Evidently you didn't see any of the Congressional hearings on The Weaver murders (Ruby Ridge) or Waco. ATF agents were caught lying and lied some-more to try to cover their lies. ATF shot the Weavers dog, an ol hound (hunting dog), because it was barking at them hiding in the woods. Weaver's 16 year old son saw someone shoot his dog form cover in the woods and shot back striking an ATF agent. The other agents shot him IN THE BACK as he ran for home. Yah they are really honorable people. And guess what their excuse was. "VE VERE ONLY FWOLLOWING ORDERS".

Which ones ARE honorable and which ones aren't? You can't tell until its to late. My bet is most will lie if order to or to cover their own arses.

Fast and Furious is a perfect example of honor within the ATF and the Justice Department in general.

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