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Originally Posted by F350 View Post
Pardner; ya lost me right there!!!

I have had a couple less than pleasant experiences with the ATF; didn't get the impression they supported the 2nd amendment, or any other part of the constitution.

No congress ever passed a law saying that having a single M-16 part in an AR-15 (and I think even in possession) made the rifle illegal, it is all BATF REGULATION.

I liked the M-16 sear and hammer because they were higher quality parts, better deeper hardening and could be polished for a smoother trigger pull. A guy I barely knew got caught with a home made silencer and told them I had M-16 parts in my ARs.

As soon as I had heard about the REGULATION I got rid of the parts and re-installed the AR parts. Nothing mattered to B(asterds of)ATF but trying to get me to confess in lue of actually finding parts installed or otherwise even though they trashed my place. I was harassed for years after, they would show up at the gun club where I shot and demand to inspect everything I had with me, I know they followed me from time to time....

I was working with the FBI and US Attorney's office on a telecommunications fraud case in the 80s when a proposal was in congress to roll the ATF into the FBI. Not a single FBI agent I dealt with wanted anything to do with an ATF agent (the breakup of ATT had recently happened and the FBI didn't know anything about telecommunications or what to look for in a fraud case so I volunteered to do a little seminar and had 16 agents attend) and I was dealing with the First Assistant US Attorney who didn't have anything to say about the ATF

If I found an ATF agent lost and dying of thirst in the desart; I wouldn't let him lick the sweat off my @
I'm sorry to hear of what happened to you, however I'm glad to have someone here that can actually attest to ATF's "over zealous" enforcement. A few years ago someone had his safe torn apart buy the jaws of life in the hands of ATF after he offered to open the safe for them. He to was "turned in" by an informant fore something he didn't have. Didn't stop the from destroying his safe and tearing his house up.

Years ago, before it became illegal I ordered a M 16 fire-control. Of course I got a visit even though it was legal. Like you when it became illegal I clunked them and put the stock parts back in.

Thankfully my only horror story concerns NISC. Hold! Hold! Hold!

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