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Originally Posted by dpadams6 View Post
Approaching a house during a raid. Silence is everything. Shooting a barking dog? What's wrong with that? Human life more important than a dog. Someone shooting at the agents. The son. And agents shooting an armed person who just shot one of there agents? What's wrong with that? If he 's old enough to shoot, he's old enough to kill too.
If you don't see what's wrong with that you're part of the problem. Do you know the story of what happened to the Weavers. If you do and you agree with it... GT rules won't allow me to tell you what I'd like to. I'll tell you this much. Come on my property and shoot one of my dogs and I will rain hellfire down on you. Come on my property, don't identify yourself and start shooting you'd better be prepared to receive return fire.

Randy Weaver nor any of the Weavers had done anything violent. They went to town quite often. In fact Randy and his wife had been stopped and PEACEFULLY taken into custody on a bridge while on their way to town previously. There was no cause/need for a "stealth" raid by JBT ATF agents on their home.

However ATF and the FBI sure saw a need to lie to Congress about what happened. I wonder why that was. Randy was acquitted in criminal court and then won a civil suit against the government. I wonder why. Could it be because his wife and son were MURDERED by JBT.

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