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Two friends of mine, then a civilian and an Airborne Lieutenant, now a Ranger (enlisted) and Airborne 1st Lieutenant, had identical black t-shirts with white stencil-type lettering that said "Chicks dig pale skinny guys" which, compared to some, they qualified as (though being a wrestling coach and a paratrooper, I don't know about skinny).

Those two also (along with a Marine friend of theirs I also knew) had identical black t-shirts with large white stenciled letters that said GROUPIE.

When you see three large white guys all in good physical shape with buzzed haircuts and GROUPIE t-shirts, you start to wonder who they're Groupies FOR...... The Lighter Side (them shirts got them some dates, suprisingly enough!)

They bought them at a Hot Topic store in Orange County (CA) where they all live(d).
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