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Ok, enough of us hens sitting around clucking at and to each other. I just fired off this email to Federal.

"I am writing to ask that you produce a self defense/home defense round in 20 gauge that is similar to your LE 132. As I, and a number of shooters age, the shoulders don't like lots of 12 gauge ammo, even if it is low recoil. Instead, we're switching to 20 gauge for sport and self defense however the market is void of a capable round that has similar properties to LE 132. Additionally, smaller stature shooters may not like a 12 gauge and are more comfortable with a 20 gauge for self defense.

You recently started offering 132-1B and it my understanding that it wasn't produced sooner because no one asked for it and no one requested a high end 20 gauge round because none were on the market. I'm now asking.

If you read the various shotgun forums and threads, there is a great swell for a good 20 gauge SD/HD round and yet, none exist. The closest is #3 or #4 buck but it's what people are choosing because they don't have a better choice. If you develop a 132 type of round for 20 gauge, I predict you will be very surprised at how well the market reacts.

Thank you."

If we want it we have to ask.
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