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Put the old 336 ejectors back in my G34 and G17L and tried them with the non dip extractors. Ejection was the same as with the 30274 ejector so that's some improvement. I tried a dipped extractor and got the same sprinkler head ejection. So the non dipped are better than the dipped. That said, the extractors look very rough. Lots of machine marks. The two dipped extractors I sent back to Brownells looked even worse and one didn't even fit! Whoever is doing QA on these extractors need to get fired because they are crap.

At least for now I'm not getting brass to the face, have stock guns but I'm definitely going to look at the Apex part. If I thought anyone at Glock cared I'd write them about the poor quality I'm seeing in their spare parts but all they have to do is do a web search. I have bought my last gun from this company, at least until I read they have fired some people and do a major overhaul of their quality control dept. And that will probably happen right after pigs take up flying.

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