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With the newer '3' dip extractor it made no real diff vs the original modified '2' dip extractor. The 30274 ejector did seem to help a little for me though. Instead of 5/6 o'clock ejection I was getting 4-5 o'clock ejections with the occasional 9 on the last round of the mag (I tried swapping mags as well). Nothing to the head at least, only occasionally to the shoulder...

I am going back in the morning with 3 different 17's, 2 of which I don't have any problems with. An older MBD prefix that has a non dip lci extractor, and a newer SVS prefix with a dip lci extractor.

The one in question that is giving me grief is a RCV prefix...

I will try swapping extractors, edp assembly, ejectors, rsa and see what works...

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