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Originally Posted by jaklcrow View Post
All I ever think about regarding H&K pistols is the torture test comparison that guy did where the Glock just wouldnt quit and the H&K wouldnt even fire the chambered rounds when put in sand and dirt.

I cant even count the times I have heard about sand sensitivity issues. Doesnt sound like the best to me.
God knows that all those Government agencies, foreign militaries, countless law enforcement agencies and private owners are all wrong. I guess I should sell all my junk sub standard HK's and Go back to those high quality superior Glocks.

Until I see it with my own eyes, I'm not taking anyone's word for anything. I had a USP 45 compact get stomped into the mud by a loaded 18 wheeler and it still fired fine. It was full of mud, grit, water, you name it.

I didn't even have to wash it off with Koolaid to make it work again.

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