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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
God knows that all those Government agencies, foreign militaries, countless law enforcement agencies and private owners are all wrong. I guess I should sell all my junk sub standard HK's and Go back to those high quality superior Glocks.

Until I see it with my own eyes, I'm not taking anyone's word for anything. I had a USP 45 compact get stomped into the mud by a loaded 18 wheeler and it still fired fine. It was full of mud, grit, water, you name it.

I didn't even have to wash it off with Koolaid to make it work again.

plus most who say blanket statement's like this do not own a HK nor ever have! You have to own a HK to understand. I've had them since~1995. For a TDA HK is my only choice.

Decided if i buy a Striker fired gun it will not be a Glock especially a gen4 or recent gen3 i would go with the Walther PPQ without ever seing one.
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