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I have never owned a handgun with a safety and have carried a weapon since 1975. All were revolvers with some mighty long and heavy double action triggers. Pretty near impossible to AD. My only semi auto was a Sigma. The trigger was pretty much the same as a J frame. Totally safe. Now the Glocks, G30 for me and wife carry's a G26 have much lighter and shorter triggers. I originally was going to put 8.5 lb. springs on them but have really gotten to like the stock trigger. Sliderlock sounds like a simple, safe way to add a manual safety. Wife is spooky about one in the chamber and a Sliderlock would ease her anxiety. I don't think I would have an objection to having one. The split second to disengage the safety is sure faster than racking the slide. I'm considering it. Flaming me won't change my mind for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Good report sir and I hope they are all you expect them to be!
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