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I know I have not updated on this post lately, but, I just last week received a letter from the VA that they received my request for exemption from being reported on the NICS according to their 1050 fast letter. I also received a call from a regional officer asking if I had a doctors evaluation. According to their 1050 fast letter one of their doctors is to evaluate me, but, I guess if I have an outside doctor evaluation to attach that would be OK. I told the lady that I did not have an outside doctor and I would have my VA primary doctor evaluate me as he should best know my entire condition. He see's me every 3 to 6 month for blood work and diabetes evaluation and we discuss any and everything else in my life(and my doctor is truly a great doctor for being really concerned). She said that she would go a head and forward my request for evaluation. That they should be able to get my information from the VA files. Once I have further information I will post again. Later - John
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