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The LE recommendation for replacing recoil springs on a Glock or SIG Sauer pistol is every 3,000 rounds with other springs at 10,000. Per HK factory personnel no parts, including recoil spring, need replaced on a HK pistol for 25,000+ rounds. That tells you something right there. Do some research into the HK manufacturing philosophy: Done the old school German way with extreme engineering and even more quality control every step of the way that is not often found today. HK personnel have extensive pride in the manufacture of their products and even plan positions in advance for the sons and daughters of current employees. Most of all look who their intended customers are: the world's military elite. Hk weapons work on the battlefield for the long haul under demanding conditions with little maintenance. They command their price by reputation and real performance. On the subject of "torture tests", any one with an agenda can set up a test to make one weapon fail and the other one shine.

I own, shoot and admire many of the fine brands out there: Glock, Beretta, S&W, Sig Sauer, Walther, and HK. Not saying any of those mentioned would not do the job or save your life. HK may not be the right pistol for everyone as they might shoot another brand much better. I will say that from a manufacturing and quality standpoint HK builds the best production pistols currently available. Bill

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