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PaGunner, I share your disgust with Glock. That said, I won't be jumping on the S&W bandwagon. My G19 doesn't have the "issue" and even my G34 and G17L, while ejecting weak, they don't do the sprinkler ejection with the non dip extractor and the 336 ejector. If they start it again at some point I'll put the 30274 ejectors back in.

From what I've read, Apex looks like they'll do what Glock should have. I'd rather pay the $60 when their extractor comes out than take a loss on 2 guns and shell out more money for M&Ps that have accuracy issues at distance. At least my guns are accurate and with all the grief with ejection, I have yet to have any FTFs or FTEs.

And who knows, maybe someone with enough guns (department or Feds) will force Glock to get their act together. Like the original G19 fiasco at NYPD.
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