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Originally Posted by alank2 View Post
..Here is what they look like after resizing.

The 10 Ring


I reload my brass I shoot out of my stock G20 and G29 barrels. All my hotter loads get bulged down by the head and using my Dillon sizer, after sizing the bulge is quite noticable, although no definitive line is there like in your picture. I think mine has no definitive line mainly because the mouth of my die is radiused, so the transition to the bulge is less dramatic.

I lube my cases with Hornaday One Shot as well, seems to help with sizing of the most bulged brass.

BTW, my KKM barrel's chamber down by the head is not a great deal tighter than my stock barrel, if at all, so I seem to get about the same amount of bulge.

I also get extractor rash on some of my hottest loads, mainly on my G20 (less so on my G29). The extractor rash doesn't seem to affect loading or feeding in subsequent cycles.

I only load my nuke loads in virgin Starline brass, all the reloads are lighter (i.e. say, 180gr @ 1225fps, etc.).

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