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Yes. I do. Thousands of times. An average of 9 loads through Starline brass. The crease that you are seeing appears to be brass that has been bulldozed by a very square resizing die. That is not normal. I would suspect it might be a function of the shape or the die rather than the Glock chamber. It is sort of hard to tell from the photos. My RCBS carbide die is rounded, so it doe not leave a line such as the one you posted.

Nickel has more friction on the die, so it is possibly pushing brass in front of it rather than gliding over it. The only time I have seen brass do that is after running some smiled cases through the sizer just to see what would happen.

I would first look at the interior of the die to see that it has a curved transition to he sizer ring. My next look would be to ensure that your loads are not hotter than you think they are.
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