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Hi Everyone,

Originally Posted by WeeWilly View Post
.418" from the case mouth to where the sizer ends with the die mouth a paper's width off the shellplate.
Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
Through my RCBS carbide die, the diameter in the middle of the case is 0.419".
Thanks guys, I was reading last night and I saw a post where someone mentioned that Redding reduced the size to 0.415" to increase case tension. Not sure if that is true or not, but I don't want to see the brass worked more than it needs to be. Mine are 0.4165 to 0.417 which isn't much differnent that 0.418 or 0.419, but I have to wonder if it is just too much after firing expansion.

Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
The answer is to try the redding GRX "Pass-Thru" or the LEE FCD as a "Pass-Thru die", LEE also sells the Bulge Buster kit. I use the LEE FCD with the guts removed as a "Pass-Thru die". This has reconditiond brass to fit the Cartridge Gauge without any sharp edges. The "SMILE" condition brass can NOT be reconditioned period!
Which leads me to consider trying this. If I were to resize the entire piece (assuming NO smile), would it then survive the resize without the crease...

One other option I am considering is could my press be out of alignment. I had this happen once years ago and the result was a hard pushed edge at the base of brass in 38 special.

Originally Posted by Fire_Medic View Post
Which Redding dies are you using? No one has asked so I will. Because I also own a Dillon 550B and I use the Redding Pro Series dies which are tungsten/carbide dies and they have been perfect for the 3 years or so I have been using them in 9mm, 40SW, and 45ACP.
They are the Pro series carbine TIC dies. I have been using these exclusively because I like them so much. The left is 9mm from 4-5 years ago, the middle is a 44mag from a few months ago, and the 40/10mm is the one of the right just ordered from Midway. I really like the way the radius is on the 9mm and it has a full height carbine ring to taper a 9mm case properly. The other two are straight wall cases and have a shorter carbine ring, but the ring is different. I'm not surprised it is inset for protection these days, but it lacks the type of radius the 9mm one has.

Note that the 40/10mm die is much duller than the other two. You can really see it in the bottom picture with the flash. It has many tiny little pits in it.

The 10 Ring

Originally Posted by Fire_Medic View Post
One more photo that will help the group, is if you could take a picture of one of your loaded up rounds sitting in your barrel with the barrel out of the pistol, so we can see how much case support you do or do not have.
I shot up all my test loads!! I can say that if I put even an unsized Starline case in there that it is free to move all around with tons of wiggle room. Is there a way to measure a chamber?

I am tempted to return the Redding set and try out a Lee Deluxe set with the bulge buster. It is either that or return it for replacement and see if the next resizing die looks normal. FireMedic - how does your sizing die look if you recently bought it?


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