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Originally Posted by hearsedriver View Post
No need to wait. Order a new Glock non-dipped extractor from Midway or one of the other vendors. Problem solved. It appears that Glock has figured it out and redesigned the extractor. It just took some time but, I figured they would come through.
The 2 non dipped extractors acted almost no differently than the dipped. I went back to the 336 ejector and basically, the combo of the 30274 and non dipped ejector had weak ejection no 6:00 ejection. The non dipped extractor and 336 ejector acted the same. Ejection is weak but no 6:00 ejection.

Hopefully the Apex extractor will get stronger extraction and it may be the only extractor in a polymer gun that allows the gun to extract without a mag to support the case.
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