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Good thread. Thanks Sam. Lot's of people (I know no one on Glocktalk does) don't realize that a 'dead man' can still kill you. Lot's of people forget about the dead mans 'five seconds'.

Most hunters have seen a deer run 10 to 40 yards and even jump a fence (like I have) when their heart has literally been blown to small pieces with a centerfire rifle hit that also broke the off leg.

Imagine what a drugged up individual could do in that five seconds after a puny handgun hit, even from a dreaded 10mm.

ETA Being a retired military pilot, I can well appreciate the fact that sometimes you only have seconds (or less) to make life or death decisions.

Yet the investigative agency has days, weeks, or even months to analyze your actions and decide if you did right or wrong. Doesn't matter if you're alive or dead, they're going to look at everything and figure out what you did, or should have, or should not have done.

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