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Originally Posted by Tim151515 View Post
Just out of curiosity to the OP, what are you planning on doing to it? I am def leaving the carrying handle/rear sight, because I love iron sites and think it just looks cool. But I was thinking of, down the road maybe adding a bipod(since it will be a range rifle) and a rubber hogue grip..

I know you asked the op. I got one a few weeks ago and it looks like good timeing. I am sure you will like it.
I am going to keep mine stock it shoots very well.
I do have a 1983 Colt sp1 that has the Colt co witness scope mount with 4X leopold on it. At some point I will try the Leopold just to see how it shoots. The good thing about those mounts they stay at zero if you take them off.
I will keep it stock to keep the weight down.
Good luck with yours and enjoy.
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