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Im going to jump back in here with something kind of related and a question.

Ive been shooting the same 17 here all along while this thread has been going on, and as I mentioned back in the begining of it, its been running fine, except for the occasional head bop with my reloads. Factory has, and still seems to run fine.

About two weeks ago, it was like a switch was thrown, and ejection became very erratic and I started to get hit in the head and upper body every three or four rounds. I thought maybe it was time for a recoil spring swap, since its been about 5-6000 rounds since the last one was changed out, but that didnt seem to do any good. I then detail stripped the slide and gave everything a good cleaning last week. The extractor, as well as most of the rest was pretty loaded up with crap.

Took it out today, and the first round nailed me in the head, and out of the next 299 rounds, only a couple more got me or even came close, and it seems to be back on track.

Now my question is in regards to the "dipped" extractors and why they are dipped. Is that dip there to allow crap and crud to more easily clear itself, allowing the extractor to continue to move freely? Seems once I got that crap out of there, it straightened right up and started to run right.

Im starting to wonder if this isnt all just lack of hygiene.
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