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Originally Posted by ak103k View Post
This gun has over 40000 through it right now, and this is only the third time Ive stripped the slide and pulled the extractor. The gun gets field stripped and cleaned every time its shot, but I dont normally mess with the slide. I usually change out the recoil spring twice a year though.

All my Glocks are Gen 3 9mm's, and I still only seem to have the BTF issue with my well used reloads in any of them. What went on a couple of weeks ago with this 17, while out of the norm, seems so far to have been straightened with the cleaning, but Ill have to see.
Yep that's what I mean. Sounds like yours has been good from day one so yep it could have just been grime. Mine has been erratic from the first shot fired. I don't think there is any fixing it. My other g17s have been good from day one. I'm stumped.
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