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Originally Posted by stolenphot0 View Post
Since this is the knowledge thread, I will ask here. Did the Gen1 17s come with un-captured guide rods? I bought one used and its supposedly all factory. Just I can't seem to find anything on the guide rods.
Yes, I believe all Gen1 Glock model 17 9mms came with the old-style uncaptured recoil spring and rod. Actually, in the full-size models, I don't think the changeover happened until the Gen2 guns were in production, as my fairly early Gen2 17 also has an uncaptured spring.

The old-style Glock-manufactured uncaptured springs were made of flat spring wire, and the rod was polymer, with a tiny hole in the muzzle end of the rod. I don't think the early rods or springs were marked in any manner.

Springs for the full-size models in 9mm, .40, and .357 are backwardly compatible from Gen3 to Gen1. So, if you need a replacement spring, you can use any Gen1/Gen2 uncaptured spring and rod, or Gen2/Gen3 captured recoil spring assembly (RSA), that was made for a full-size Glock in any of the above calibers.
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