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Originally Posted by Rcsteffen View Post
Stopped into my credit union the other day (don't go there much, most transactions are automated), and noticed "the sign" on the door. I returned to my car, left my gun locked inside, and went back to finish my business. Didn't say anything while I was there because I'm recovering from surgery and didn't feel like having a chat just then.

I went to their FB page and left a polite comment about my experience, and questioned their reasons for prohibiting legal carry. Their response was that ccw isn't legal in banks in Ohio and they are required by law to post the signs. All I've read says this isn't true, and I regularly carry at PNC branches locally. I replied that I could not find this info in the code, and that is was a corporate decision that could impact their membership. Again, all politely.

Ohioans, am I wrong? Did I mis-read the code somehow? I am new to ccw this year, and would hate to be regularly breaking the law, or dispensing incorrect information.
I went to and didn't see where financial institutions were exempt from CCW. What did your CCW course tell you? I'd suggest you go to your governing authority (here it's the state patrol) and review laws regarding your state.

In my state it's illegal to enter a financial institution with CCW. Your option is to just go thru the drive thru...
We are told by our government NOT to judge Muslims by the actions of a few crazies. We are also told by this same government TO judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few crazies.
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