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For me there were several.
The fact that I was a Realtor and worked in areas many times that were shall we say high risk.
I have gotten deeply involved in politics and am now the state chairman for a Political party.
However the last straw was what I was attacked for by a political group in 2009. Since I consistently have been under threat and a month or so ago received a call at my home telling me that my KIND (openly Christian) was no longer wanted or welcome in the neighborhood I grew up in.
Think I'm joking?? This is the newspaper article from 2009 when this group first came after me. Now I carry a Glock 29 10mm or a Browning High Power daily.
Roebuck Springs-South Roebuck Neighborhood Association meeting disbanded when some residents try to discuss president's ouster
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
News staff writer
Residents left peacefully after Birmingham police disbanded a Thursday night meeting of the Roebuck Springs-South Roebuck Neighborhood Association when discussion about ousting association President Richard Rutledge started to escalate.
Resident Everett W. Wess, who in October's neighborhood elections lost a bid for president to Rutledge, tried to bring four resolutions pertaining to Rutledge to the floor during the meeting at South Roebuck Baptist Church.
The resolutions called for asking Rutledge to resign immediately, that he be removed from office immediately, that the neighborhood issue a vote of no confidence against the president and that the results of the votes be sent to the mayor and City Council.
Rutledge repeatedly said he would not allow the resolutions to be presented or discussion of the effort by some residents to oust him.
The situation grew heated when Wess walked to the front podium and tried to play into a microphone what he said was an offensive message Rutledge left on his telephone. Rutledge, who was at the podium, bent the microphone out of the way.
That's when a police officer at the meeting announced the meeting was over and for everyone to leave.
Some residents have said they want Rutledge removed, saying postings on an Internet site for Christian guitarists attributed to him have divided the neighborhood.
Rutledge has said accusations that he disrespects gays and blacks are "hugely offensive to me."
Posts he supposedly made on the Guitarists Praise & Worship, a privately owned Web site, now circulating through the neighborhood were manipulated and do not accurately reflect what he did write, Rutledge has said. Rutledge said he does not disrespect blacks and has worked for years to support diversity in the neighborhood. He said that as a Christian, he personally believes homosexuality is wrong, but does not disrespect gays.
Even if the resolutions were voted on, the outcome would have no force. The Citizens Participation Plan, which governs neighborhood associations, doesn't have a provision for impeachment or removal of an officer, city officials have said.
"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."Frederick Douglass

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