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Originally Posted by HKLovingIT View Post
I have tried a fresh from the bag factory extractor depressor plunger spring and spring loaded bearing. Nothing good or bad changed.
Man! I just dont know what to say with yours. I've seen where you have tried all kinds of things. I mentioned the plunger spring because I heard Apex is putting a stronger one in their extractor kit. You may have a problem with the slide itself, thats about the only explanation that would make sense given the things you have done.
I had some problems with my Gen 4 G26 and it would pelt me a couple of times in a box of 100, but I put in the updated ejector (trigger housing) and that did the trick (at least for 250 rounds it has). I didnt see anything really wrong with my extractor, and saw no reason to change even though it is the dip (concave) model. I did order a new Lone Wolf extractor just in case, and so I'd have one to play with if I wanted to try something else, but for me the ejector was THE fix.
If I were you HK I would look into the new Apex kit, when and if it becomes available. I dont know what exactly they are doing but the video's look promising.
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