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Gen 4 Test dates after 10/10/2011

Has anyone heard that the newest Gen 4's have the erratic ejection issues solved? ..(with a test date after 10/10/2011 printed on the envelope of spent shell casings),

08/21/2012 Update
Called Glock to check for warranty parts eligibility on a buddy's Gen 4 G22 w/ test date prior to 10/10/2011 & it did need the part & is being shipped. I asked if the 10/10/2011 date was good info & it is. As far as they are concerned if it has a test date 10/10/2011 or after it should not have known issues.

The only part they are sending is the recoil spring complete assembly. No extractor or ejector. At the end of the recoil spring where it touches the barrel, it had 2 numbers, a zero at 9 o'clock, and a one at 3 o'clock. The replacement spring will have another number in addition to these at 6 o'clock & I think he said it would be a 4.
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